Oscars Special: Top Five Best Movie Game Adaptations

Last time I took us through the dark side of the movie game adaptations, but now here are the games that really capture the spirit of the film they are based on. Or are simply a great game, whether you liked the film or not. Let the Movie Game Oscars begin…

5.) Alien 3 (Megadrive/Super Nintendo)

Now before you say it. This wasn’t really an adaptation of the Alien 3 film and bears very little in common with it. Personally, I think someone went ‘So in Alien 3 Ripley is trapped on a prison planet with a bunch of murderers, no weapons and only one Alien? Well that doesn’t sound like a fun game!’

If only Alien 3 had been half as fun!

And so they threw all that out, added weapons, aliens and made it a search and rescue game. So it seems that if you want to make a great game out of a terrible film it is simple… you ignore the film entirely!

4.) Moonwalker (Megadrive)

The film is over indulgent nonsense, but the game is a mixture of Streets of Rage meets erm… find the kids and have a monkey on your back at the end… Don’t ask me, I didn’t design it. The essence of the game is simple.

Worth playing for this bit alone!


You are Michael Jackson and you kick and magic punch your way through several levels based on one of Jackson’s songs (wonderfully recreated) and try and find a number of children (Too many jokes to choose from) and battle your way through gangsters, zombies, spiders and… erm… Joe Pesci? The game deserves to be here for the special attack in which all the enemies on the screen join you for a dance before being eliminated. Bizarre, but brilliant.

3.) Robocop (Spectrum/Gameboy)

Now this is an adaptation of a movie. Walk, Fire, Jump, Fire, Climb, Fire. That’s basically all you do in this game and it is the perfect example of capturing what is great about a film within a game.

Would you really want to relive the scenes where Murphy walks around his home and gets his memories back? No, I don’t think so. You are watching the film for the action and shooting and that is exactly what this game delivers. Shoot up several levels of bad guys and face ED-209 at the end. Simple and perfect.

2.) Aladdin/Lion King (Megadrive/ Super Nintendo)

It was hard to choose between these two games as they are both such perfect adaptations of their film. Both created by Virgin, both were a great mixture of platform and action game.

Aladdin had the wonderfully addictive and difficult carpet ride level and Lion King the bizarre riding on an ostrich and the stampede level. Both games included Disney perfect animation, some great recreations of the music and were both filled with wonderfully fun levels throughout.

I’d say that Aladdin pips it slightly, but the innovative fighting system employed for The Lion King still has me on the fence. Therefore they both deserve a spot here.

1.) Goldeneye (Nintendo 64)

Could it be anything else? I mean seriously this is a game over ten years old that is still considered by many to be the definitive First Person Shooter! The game was just perfect and what made it better was the introduction to Death Match. Before this had only been available to those PC gamers playing Doom and Quake, but now us Console fans had a game that proved that it could work just as well… if not better.

Now this is a Death Match

The story was great, graphics (for the time) were wonderful and the little set pieces that you had to accomplish as you played were just genius. Could there be any doubt about this game? And for those people who have only played the recent Wii update really needs to find someone with an N64… and you can guarantee that if they still have their N64 they will definitely have this game!

There we have it. The best of the best, but are there any other more deserving selections?

Comment away!


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