Top Five Reasons to Game Retro

Well, if you’re part of a younger generation and you’ve never had access to prior generations of gaming consoles, you’re seriously missing out. To prove it to you, we’ll give you five reasons why you should be gaming retro.

1. Quality

It’s important not to forget that these are the games that helped start it all. Some of the most important RPG, FPS, adventure and platforming titles started their life on consoles like the NES, the Amiga, the Master System… It’s like watching new sci-fi films all the time, but never having seen the original Star Wars trilogy.

2. Accessibility

If you’ve ever found that modern games have ridiculously complex mechanics or are cluttered with features, then you need to streamline your gaming experience, and retro games are renown for their simplicity. That’s why you’ll find so many hardcore gamers playing games that hark back to earlier times – just a score, a simple mechanic, and a difficulty curve.

3. Graphics

The high-definition world of Crysis has redefined what we can show on a screen, but that doesn’t lessen the breathtaking artwork and modelling of older games. Sprites are still used even today, and like we said in number one, it’s always great to go back and see some of the best.

Top Five Reasons to Game Retro

4. Fun Factor

Back before the days of the internet, which helped spawn everything from to, more importantly, the Xbox Live achievements system, there was no meta-game to play. There was nothing to encourage you to go above and beyond what you usually would in a videogame. Thus, earlier games relied on being a complete and engaging experience from start to finish, as a stand-alone experience. There’s no need for a 50G achievement pop when you’ve just cleared a retro title.

5. Nostalgia

Even if you weren’t around when the NES was (if so, we’re all getting a little old, which is worrying in itself), it’s so fun to get an older console. The cartridges, the reliable controllers, the many great aspects of the games and the colossal back catalogue are all reasons why people still whip out a SNES when their friends are round.

So, if you’re unsure of retro gaming, we hope this list has prodded you towards testing it out. Try it: you’ll never regret it. Think simple, think fun, and think original: retro gaming is for the really passionate games enthusiast.


  1. The only retro consoles I ever player were NES, SNES and Sega Genesis. Those were some good times… in 1999! This is why today I’m not a big fan of Mario like most people. It was fun back then, but now…nah!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have an Odyssey 300 by Magnavox that I just now almost threw in the trash. Maybe I’ll keep it. What is it worth? Would YOU like to buy it?

  3. retrogamer says:

    I’m 40 and grew up with video games starting in the 70’s. I play nothing but retrogaming because of not only the nostalgia, but because I cannot find the same kind of enjoyment from today’s games. Don’t get me wrong. Today’s games have killer graphics and some are fun for awhile, but they all seem to be overcomplicated which takes away from the fun factor for me. With retrogaming, I feel like I can really kick back with my feet up and relax while playing a classic game.

    • I totally agree with Retrogamer’s post. The games these days look awesome but you just can’t turn it on and play. A few years ago I sat down to play a game of NCAA football on the PS2 with a friend and he took five minutes just to set up the audibles. UGHH! Let’s just play the dang game already!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve played on my zx spectrum it awesome near mint