King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters Review

I love documentaries, especially if it is on a subject that I enjoy. Whether that be a nature documentary or one concerning the early twentieth century, I love the way documentaries edit, construct and tell the story using archive and new footage. When I heard that a film had been made about Donkey Kong, I … Read more

Killer Instinct (Game Boy) Review

A lot of people ask me what was the best game on the Gameboy. Some would say it was Tetris or SuperMarioLand, but for me, the best game… the game that showed the whole world just what the Game Boy could actually do was Killer Instinct. This Arcade game was successfully ported to the SNES … Read more

Top Tips for Purchasing a Classic Console

There are many people who have created emulators for all the classic consoles so that you can play all the classics from the comfort of your PC. Just upload and away you go. But nothing beats the experience of playing the game in its original console format. Whether it is a trip down memory lane … Read more

Mega32x: A Misunderstood Machine?

The Mega32x is sometimes declared to be the dumbest move that SEGA ever made. But was it really? If you look back on its subjectively in terms of the system it was a great move, just poorly planned. The Megadrive had been for the SEGA their biggest selling console (and probably still is) and it … Read more

Oscars Special: Top Five Best Movie Game Adaptations

Last time I took us through the dark side of the movie game adaptations, but now here are the games that really capture the spirit of the film they are based on. Or are simply a great game, whether you liked the film or not. Let the Movie Game Oscars begin… 5.) Alien 3 (Megadrive/Super … Read more

Oscars Special: Top Five Worst Movie Game Adaptations

Top Five Worst Movie Game Adaptations It seems that the video game industry have gone away from adapting every film into a game (Even Wayne’s World and The Blues Brothers got a game!), but then can you imagine a game version of Black Swan or The Hangover? So in honour of the Oscars, I thought … Read more