Should you buy the original console or a modern clone?

In the last few years there have been a lot of budget gaming machines enter the market which allow you to play classic games and consoles. I’m sure you have seen them in a toy shop or a video games store. For example, there have been many Atari 2600 machines released, some of which are […]

The Wizard – 20 Years On

The Wizard is one of the few major Hollywood films which have focused on gaming. I was only 10 when the film came out. I loved the film when I was young but 20 years on, I must admit that it’s not a great film. I do kind of love it though in a strange, […]

Why don’t parents keep old video games consoles?

I was born in 1979. The first console I ever owned was an Atari 2600, the old style one with the wood finish and the switches. Me and my brother shared a room and we would both play it on an old black and white television which must have only been about 13 or 14 […]