Developed in Japan and sold in the United Kingdom 1976, the APF TV Fun (Model 401) was a PONG system by APF Electronics, their first entry into the video games market (they formerly created calculators).

The console had two paddle controllers attached to the system itself and four built in black and white games: Handball, Hockey, Squash and Tennis. All of which was presented in a woodgrain case (people in the 70s loved wood!).


APF launched other consoles later and used this casing for many of the systems.


The APF TV Fun is yet another system which used the popular General Instruments AY-3-8500 CPU chip (first used by the Coleco Telstar).

It was powered by 6 batteries or an external ac adaptor. The console had a built in speaker for basic sounds switches to change the settings of the game (difficulty, bat size, speed etc).