Casio PV-1000

The Casio PV-1000 was a games console which was released in Japan in 1983. Released in the same year as the Sega SG-1000 and Nintendo Famicom, the PV-1000 struggled against it’s more powerful competitors and was pulled a short while afterwards.

About 15 games were released for the system including Dig-Dug, Space Panic, Pachinko UFO and Super Cobra.

The system had two controller ports. The controllers that came with the system had a joystick in the middle with a fire button at the top.

Casio PV-1000

The PV-1000 was powered by the a variant of the 8-bit Zilog Z80A CPU (D780C-1). This was the same CPU which was used in the ColecoVision, Sega SG-1000 and the MSX.

It had 2kb of RAM and 3 channels of sound . Games could show up to 8 colours on a resolution of 256×192 pixels.

A computer version of the console was released called the PV-2000. The joysticks from the PV-1000 worked on the other system (and vice versa) but annoyingly, game cartridges didin’t. In the same year they also released two other home computers called the PV-7 and the PV-16.