Dina 2-In-1

The Dina was a hybrid clone console which was developed by Taiwanese firm Bit Corporation. It was released in Asia in 1986.

The system is a clone machine which lets you play games from the ColecoVision and the Sega SG-1000. Both of these systems had the same technical specifications so a hybrid solution was a good idea.

There was a cartridge slot for each of these consoles on the Dina.

Dina 2-In-1

The controllers were almost identical to the ones from the NES. The ColecoVision game controllers had numeric keypads on them so the Dina system had numeric keys built into the console itself, hardly practical for playing games. This meant that ColecoVision 2 player games which required users to use the numeric keypad would not work.

The system did not include the ColecoVision expansion port. Therefore, it is not possible to connect this machine to the Atari adaptor to play 2600 games (or connect any of the other expansion modules).

Telegames Personal Arcade

The Dina was released in the States by Telegames as the Telegames Personal Arcade. It was released with a built in game called Meteoric Shower.

Telegames purchased the rights to the ColecoVision in the late 80s but instead of selling the ColecoVision, they sold the Telegames Personal Arcade via mail order for only $40.

Interestingly, Telegames never marked the Personal Arcade machine as capable of playing Sega SG-1000 games since the official machine was never released in the USA. So the additional cartridge slot wasn’t explained to customers!

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