Nintendo Color TV Game

The Nintendo Color TV Game was a series of 3 consoles released in Japan between 1977 and 1980, the most popular being the Color TV Game 6 (Model CTG-6V), which was released in 1977. Although Nintendo had successfully licensed and sold the Magnavox Odyssey in the mid 70s, this was the first console which Nintendo produced themselves so is regarded as Nintendos first ever games console.

The Color TV Game 6 was a PONG system which came with 6 built in games. Well 6 games is actually stretching the truth a little, the console had Handball, Hockey and Tennis; though each game could be played by 1 or 2 players. Hence, the Color TV Game 6 rather than the Color TV Game 3 (though this type of marketing was the norm at the time so all is forgiven Nintendo!).

Color TV Game 6

The console had two paddle controllers attached to the system, which was a standard inclusion for the PONG games which were played on the system.

It also goes without saying that all games on the Color TV 6 were in colour.

Nintendo Color TV 6

More Color TV Game 6 pictures (courtesy of Nokonoko)

Nintendo Color TV Game 6

Nintendo Color TV Game 6


The Color TV 6 was developed with Mitsubishi Electronics, who developed the microprocessors which were used in the console.

As well as two paddle controllers, the console had 1 button and 6 switches in the middle of the system. There were used to switch the machine on and off and change settings within the games.

It was powered by 6 batteries or an external power supply.


Nintendo released 4 more consoles over the following 2 years to capitalise on the success of the Color TV Game 6.

Color TV Game 15

The sequel to the Color TV Game 6 was the Color TV Game 15, which was released the following year 1978. The console was very successful, selling more than a million in Japan.

Color TV Game 15

The Color TV Game 15 had 15 different variations of the PONG games which were included in the original. The on screen paddles were also replaced with detachable controllers.

Color TV Racing 112

In 1978, Nintendo also released the Color TV Racing 112. The system had a steering wheel and gear stick to play the built in top view driving game.

2 small controllers could be detached from the main console to allow 2 players to play the game.

Color TV Racing 112

Color TV Game Block Breaker

In 1979 Nintendo released the Color TV Game Block Breaker, a one player console which featured Nintendos arcade game Block Breaker (a Breakout clone).

Computer TV Game

Released in 1980, the Nintendo Computer TV Game system was the last in the Color TV Game range. Apparently this system had one player and multiplayer games built in. You can see a picture of the console boxed here.

Computer TV Game


Japanese commercial for the Color TV Game 6 and Color TV Game 15.

Video review which features the Bandai TV Jack 1500 and the Color TV Game 15

Spanish review of the Color TV Game 15. Although it’s in Spanish, it does show the console in great detail so it’s worth a look.