Rollet Videocolor

The Rollet Videocolor was a low budget console which was released in Asia in 1983. It appears that the machine was internally the same as the Hanimex HMG-7900, another low budget gaming machine which was produced in Asia.

However, the design of the machines are worlds apart. The Hanimex HMG-7900 is quite dull looking with its grey exterior and a design which was similar to other systems available at the time.

On the other hand, the Rollet Videocolor had a bright funky looking yellow case (as can be seen from the image below, courtesy of

Rollet Videocolor

All the controls and functionality which was present with it’s Hanimex counterpart is here too. Though the wired controller has been removed with the controls being placed at the front of the system. The joystick and paddle remain however the 2 fire buttons have been reduced to one. The power switch, reset, game select and game start buttons all remain though.

As with the Hanimex HMG-7900, 11 games were released for the system.