Road Rash

I was 11 when I got my NES for christmas (which I loved). Within the next year my older brother got the Sega Mega Drive (Sega Genesis). It was a great console whose graphics were much more advanced than the ageing Nintendo. My bother mostly had sport games for the system. It came bundled with […]

GoldenEye 007

The Nintendo 64 was a great machine. Nintendo chose to stay with cartridges with the 64 instead of rivals which were using CDs because of piracy concerns. However, they still managed to grab a large part of the games market and the system had some fantastic games. I have a lot of fond memories of […]

The 1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge Cartridge

Last month the infamous 1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge Cartridge was sold on eBay for a whopping $20,100. This confirmed once again that rare video games are worth a lot of money and that rare NES games still command the most. For those of you who have never heard of this cartridge before, here is a […]

Super Huge Lego Mario

I’m a big fan of the older Nintendo games and I admire talented people with too much time on their hands who build things the rest of us couldn’t be bothered with. Step forward Lego Mario. This Mario statue was built with over 40,000 pieces of Lego and proudly stands 5″9 high. The whole thing […]

Should you buy the original console or a modern clone?

In the last few years there have been a lot of budget gaming machines enter the market which allow you to play classic games and consoles. I’m sure you have seen them in a toy shop or a video games store. For example, there have been many Atari 2600 machines released, some of which are […]

The Wizard – 20 Years On

The Wizard is one of the few major Hollywood films which have focused on gaming. I was only 10 when the film came out. I loved the film when I was young but 20 years on, I must admit that it’s not a great film. I do kind of love it though in a strange, […]

Why don’t parents keep old video games consoles?

I was born in 1979. The first console I ever owned was an Atari 2600, the old style one with the wood finish and the switches. Me and my brother shared a room and we would both play it on an old black and white television which must have only been about 13 or 14 […]