7 Cool Nintendo Mods

I’m not very technical and I’m kind of lazy too, so I have a lot of respect for those who take old systems and improve them in some way, even if the improvement is somewhat strange!

Here is a list of 7 cool Nintendo Modifications. Enjoy 🙂

1. NES DVD Player

First up is the NES DVD player. The original NES casing was used to create a fully functional DVD player. The power LED lights up when it’s switched on and the tray opens just like a normal DVD player too. The 2nd controller port is used as a receiver for the remote control.

2. Nestari

Ben Hecks Nestari has to be one of the coolest fan made portable systems ever made. The device lets you play original Atari 2600 and NES games. Check out BenHeck for a full explanation of how the device was built.

3. Super Nintoaster – Super NES in a Toaster

The Super Nintoaster has to be one of the strangest Nintendo mods ever built. It is a fully functional Super NES within a toaster casing. The toaster level turns the system on and the toasting setting switch, which usually sets how well your bread is toasted, is used to turn the orange LED light within the unit up and down.

4. SNESp: Portable Super Nintendo

Brian Hendersons is a fantastic portable system which lets you play original SNES cartridges. It looks a little like a large Nintendo DS but this bad boy has a slot in the back for your SNES cartridges. Not sure how good battery life is but it’s a cool looking device nonetheless.

5. Darth64 – The portable N64 Handheld

The Darth64 is an obscure portable device which plays Nintendo 64 cartridges. The design is based on a ‘Laser Doodle’ and uses a 5 inch screen and a Hori joypad for the joystick and buttons etc. It looks like it would be difficult to play some 64 games but it’s still pretty good how he managed to squeeze a full Nintendo 64 into the casing.

6. Gamecube Portable

The Gamecube Portable is a great looking portable device which lets you play original Gamecube discs. The discs spin on the back of the device. Since the discs are quite small, the device is a little smaller than most of the SNES and N64 mods around.

7. Giant NES controller coffee table

Whilst most of the other mods in this roundup took the original device and fit it into a smaller casing, Kyle Downes did the opposite with his gigantic NES controller coffee table. It’s maybe not as practical as the other mods for playing games, but it sure does look like a lot of fun. And it would surely be a conversational starter for anyone who visited your house.

You can read more about the table at Kyles blog.

Hope you enjoyed the list 🙂

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