Super Huge Lego Mario

I’m a big fan of the older Nintendo games and I admire talented people with too much time on their hands who build things the rest of us couldn’t be bothered with.

Step forward Lego Mario. This Mario statue was built with over 40,000 pieces of Lego and proudly stands 5″9 high. The whole thing weighs 110 pounds.

The statue was sold on eBay for €3,500 with all proceeds going to charity.

Biggest Lego-Mario in the World – (Size over 5 ft 9 / 70,8 in)
Game Mania Started the build of this statue with aid of a professional Lego builder 2 weeks before officially revealing it at the LEGO WORLD fair 22nd October 2009. This statue measures 70,87 inch (5,9 ft / 180 cm), contains more than 40.000 Lego bricks and weights over 110 lb (50 kg).

Profit will be donated to charity: The Ronald McDonald House Charity in The Netherlands.

Lego Mario

Lego Mario

You can see a video of how the status was built below:

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